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As a Boundaries Coach, I help women to understand why boundaries are so important and help them to realize how NOT having them keeps them from doing the things they were sent here to do.

We as women have no idea what we are truly capable of until we begin to peel away the insecurities that we have allowed to build up all around us.

You see, the enemy will do whatever he needs to do to stop us from realizing our full potential. If he can do that, he prevents us from doing what we were placed here to do.

As we learn when to say NO and when to say YES, what to tolerate and what not to tolerate,  we are able to proceed with living out the purpose we were called her to do.

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Growing up, I never knew what boundaries were.  I didn’t have an example to follow.  I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional household with a mother and two sisters.  The generational pattern of codependency prevented me from even knowing what proper boundaries were — my ideas were all skewed.  This put me in a position where I desperately tried to find love in all the wrong places because I never valued who I was, or who’s I was.

So many of us have grown up in an environment that was dysfunctional.  When we are  born into a dysfunctional family, we only see that which is around us and we become victims to that.  As we grow up we fall into the same dysfunctional behaviors.  It’s only when we step outside of that environment that we realize just how dysfunctional we are through no fault of our own.

The cycle of dysfunction has an opportunity to be discontinued when we come to realize where we are and begin to step out of that vicious cycle of dysfunction by learning how to establish proper boundaries.

By giving you a Byrd’s Eye View of your life, I equip you to activate everything within you to defeat the enemy and prevent him from stopping you in your quest to walk in your divine purpose.

I want you to identify the false beliefs you have about yourself and turn away from them toward your truth; the truth of who you really are.  All the horrible things you say about yourself are not FROM you.  They are NOT your words.  They have been planted in your mind erroneously.  It’s not until you identify the source of the lie that you will begin to shed away those false beliefs you have come to accept about yourself and begin to walk in the midst of your greatness.

As We Partner Together, I Will: 

  • Help you to identify your spiritual gifts and guide in the discovery of their purpose
  • Teach you how to establish healthy boundaries in order to build and maintain solid relationships
  • Enable you to identify self-defeating patterns and work towards more fulfilling outcomes
  • Help to eliminate your uncertainties with  tools and resources that will empower you to achieve all that is possible for you.
  • Facilitate the discovery of your inner strength to be courageous in all areas of life
  • Help you to get “unstuck” from your past and empower you to overcome your present trials

 Sooo…here are a few questions for you to answer:

  1. Do past hurts keep you from moving forward?
  2. Do you have relationships that need healing?
  3. Do you have old emotional wounds that tend to re-open?
  4. Do you have trouble coming up with answers to questions that stay with you for extended periods of time?
  5. Have you been struggling with something for far too long?
  6. Would the idea of an accountability partner be a benefit to you?
  7. Do the effects of grief tend to linger too long for you?
  8. Have fears hampered your progression in any way?
  9. Do stressful situations tend to paralyze you in your forward movement?
  10. Does anger keep you from moving past any particular situation?
  11. Does the need to forgive present a challenge for you?

If you answers YES to ANY of these questions, I encourage you to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session with me and let’s develop a plan TOGETHER to turn your YES answers into NO’s.



Private Coaching: 3 Month Commitment 


Weekly Coaching: Twelve (12) 60-Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions Via Video or Phone

Relevant Assessments to guide you

Weekly Journaling Exercises utilizing various styles of journaling

Complimentary Access to all ancillary coaching groups and events for the coaching period


Did you know coaching may be tax-deductible? In the U.S.A., expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307.) Your tax consultant can provide you with further information.