Who Gets You….Really?

You may be surprised at your response to this question (or maybe not).

I played hooky from church this past Sunday. 

I don’t normally make a habit of doing this because I believe that making time to honor God by visiting His iconic place of worship, that place which symbolizes the “gathering” that we should do in His name, is extremely important.  However, after a late night out socializing with friends, business partners, and friends, I savored the idea of sleeping in.  My husband decided to go to church and took our son with him.  This gave me an opportunity to enjoy some much anticipated quality time with the most important person in my life….me.

I turned on the television and clicked to the channel directory in search of a church service I could watch but oddly enough, could not find one, so I decided to turn to Oprah Winfrey’s, Super Soul Sunday.

Within a brief one hour period, my soul became renewed!

I came face to face with the reality of what brings me complete and utter joy.  I discovered  that there is a place within my soul that profoundly resonates with being in the company of individuals who connect with the universe on a vast spiritual level. Not in the way that most people believe on the mere surface, but in a deep, introspective, do-the-work kind of level that can only be revealed through the search for authenticity within oneself.

  • I sat in awe as Dr. Christine Northrup shared with Oprah a daily morning ritual that would teach us to embrace the “goddess” in us, no matter what we have been through.
  • I opened my heart and my mind as Janet Mock, shared her trans gender story and I began to view life as so much more dimensional that societal conditioning has caused us to believe.

It was after deeply connecting with Dr. Northrup as she confirmed her purpose and expanding my willingness to consider other perspectives through Janet Mock, that I began to consider, who really gets me?

Many times, we vacillate towards environments or individuals
who confirm and accept us for who we are.
Many times we don’t. 

Oftentimes, we settle for surrounding ourselves with people and in situations that de-value us and compromise our sense of worth without even realizing it.  When you leave an environment, or a person and you feel no better than when you entered, it’s time to evaluate their validity in your life.

Our goal should not be to stay the same as we are.  Life is about constant change resulting in growth; in one way or another, elevating us to new heights.

If the people you allow in your space do not inspire you to be more,
do more and have more by way of internal peace, you minimize
the potential within you.

All that you are capable of doing and becoming is left submerged
somewhere deep inside of you.

Your worth will never surface through your actions when you allow those around you and the situations you choose to remain in to keep you drowning in mediocrity as if a buoy had been tied to your feet, preventing you from rising to the surface.  The surface of knowing exactly who you are and what it is you are destined to do and become.

So back to my original question. Who gets you, really? 

Who is it that understands you;
your thoughts, your dreams, your desires and how badly you need to be understood?
Who is it that will cry with you, but won’t let you wallow in your misery?

Oh, it’s okay to wallow for a time.  But at some point, you have to pull yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps and say, “Enough is enough, something has to give!” and you begin to do the work to make the changes necessary.  That someone who doesn’t allow you to take up residence in your pain, but to learn and grow from it?

You give Up?

Let me help you….That someone is Y.O.U.

Only you have the power to truly understand Y.O.U. and what it will take to get you to that place of internal peace.

We have so many choices.  When we realize that there is a void within us that must be filled, we can choose the path that will move us closer to getting there; through the people we choose to allow into our lives, the circumstances we choose to remain in or move into, or by the activities we complete on a regular basis.

It all boils down to Y.O.U.

Yes, babygirl….Y.O.U. 

If you’re not sure of how to do that, that’s where I come in.  I’m not here to wallow in your misery with you, but to escort you out of it.

Too many are willing to commiserate with us in our misery and like to play their own hand of  “I can do you one better” misery, causing us to spiral in our own cesspool of despair with no resolve.  It’s not until we realize that misery doesn’t love company, but that it sits comfortably in it, that we are willing to get up out of that cycle.
Only then can we begin to reach out to those that are reaching out their hand for us to grab hold to, that we allow ourselves to be transported out of the place where we have taken up residence for far too long and onto that path toward healing and internal peace.

If you are at that place where you are admitting, “I don’t think anyone really ‘gets me’, not even me,” then I offer to you an opportunity to begin the process of discovery.
The process of getting to know who you really are,
what makes you tick, and
what you have been placed here to do. 

Too often we allow the enemy to distract us from fulfilling the assignment that God has placed us here to fulfill.  This is where the ultimate boundary comes in; when you decide that you will no longer allow the enemy to keep you in the dark about what is holding you back from knowing who you are, what you want, and begin the process of identifying just what is stopping you from doing and being all that you are capable of.

My ability to walk along side you in this process is God’s way of providing you with someone who truly “gets you”, because of the gifts He has placed within me to fulfill the purpose He has for me.

There are a number of ways that I can escort you through this maze.  All you have to do is  decide that you are ready to do the work,  and to reach out to me.



Are you Ready?

Click on this link and choose an available time that works for you
and we’ll begin this process.

This call will not require anything of you but courage.  Courage to begin discovering who you are and what you were called to do. Just in case you already know, but haven’t stepped into your role, beginning with this one courageous step will help you to uncover why you haven’t been consistent and persistent about moving forward.

It’s really not important who “gets you”, as long as you do.
That’s when God can begin to work in your life and
position you to fulfill your purpose,
specifically designed for Y.O.U.  

Pamela Byrd (Byrd’s Eye View)
is a Boundary Development Coach and Journaling Practitioner.
She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of setting healthy boundaries while sharing how the practice of journal writing can be used as a tool for managing life and living it on your terms. She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.


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