44deborahwilkinson8Photo__1Ever wonder…

           how to get from here to there…

          or need to process difficult circumstances…

          or say to yourself… why am I in this situation, this job, this relationship…

In my life I have.  And during these times there is one very critical thing I have experienced over and over again.  It REALLY matters WHO I process all of this with.

I have known Pamela Byrd as a personal friend and Life Coach for over 20 years.  Having met her while in an unhealthy relationship, her words from those days still ring in my ears and are tools I still use today.

      “Break it down Deborah, you have to write it down and break it down.”

Pamela has given me the gift of listening to what I’m saying and hearing between the lines.  I do believe, without apology, that God breathed into each one of us something individual.  I also believe that each one of us knows inside when we do not see ourselves for who we really are ~ as well as when others don’t see us for who we really are.  Pamela walks with God in her days and has listened to His direction in our conversations.

At times I felt lost, very lost on my journey, blinded by circumstances and the paralyzing emotions they created in me.  Pamela’s listening ear was like a flashlight in the darkness and her words strong and decisive, speaking belief in who God has made me to be.  From that place, my own walk with God was strengthened to learn to walk with Him and wait to hear from Him ~ He has ALWAYS answered when I have asked!

Along the way Pamela has taught me to journal.  I now have years worth of black and white “Composition Books” lining my bookshelves, treasures from processing.  She has given me the gift of the ability to go back, pull one off the shelf and see that I have grown as a woman and in who God has breathed into me.


Pam and I have not lived in the same state for 18 years.  So if you are concerned that you cannot work with a coach over the phone and computer, I’m here to tell you otherwise.  We have processed relationships, family, Career changes, crafted Resume’s and performed Personality and Giftings evaluations.

But, don’t be misled by the truth of these words, into thinking that Pamela will coddle you.  Pamela is a warrior for walking with people whose own desire is to be and live their personal best.  My advice is, if that does not describe you, move on.  Pamela is committed to you reaching your goals.  So actually if you don’t call you ARE reaching your goals of not owning your amazing life and staying in the same place you are today.

For me now, it’s really not that “Life is short”.   It is that “we only get just this one life”.  My life is God’s gift to me and I only get just this one.  Pamela has spoken her “Byrd’s Eye View” over my life, ALL of the 20 years I have known her.  She can’t help herself, it’s who God has made her to be.

               I’m excited about my life!  I hope you are excited about yours!

                                    If you’re not…  you can be…    

                                      It really is your choice.

                                       Call Pamela!

Deborah Wilkinson