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Journaling Lessons Learned from Teens

Journaling Can Benefit All Ages I had the honor and privilege of speaking into the lives of a few budding teens this month through a series of Journaling Workshops. I have conducted several journaling workshops over the past few years at my local library.  It has given me an opportunity to share the importance of

4 Breakthroughs That Occur When Your Clients Journal

Congratulations! You have built a strong reputation for results! Your clients are spreading the word.  As a result, you are honing your ability to influence substantial change and growth in the lives of the people you touch. We ARE tracking, aren’t we?  Of course we are!   With every new opportunity to impact people’s lives,

Summer’s Here….Are You Ready to Launch?

All the planning and preparation over the last 5 months has brought me to this place.  This is the time for Launch… and that’s exactly what I will be helping you to do during the events listed here…helping you to develop a plan of action for your own launch! Launch What?  Whatever it is you

What Makes You Any Different Than Moses?

I am constantly reminded through my scripture reading that our purpose is not an easy undertaking.  Anyone who fulfilled God’s purpose for their lives as indicated throughout the Bible DID NOT have an easy time of it. What makes us any different? Here’s just one example:  One “fiery” day, Moses was in the presence of


SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. TIME TO DO A “PULSE CHECK”  and beg the question,  HOW  AM I DOING? IT’S TIME TO ASK THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Am I where I thought I would be 5 years ago? Do I have a plan for fulfilling my life goals? Is my plan working? Am I