Ready or Not, Here I Come!!

Have you ever Procrastinated?  Sure you have — who hasn’t?!

Have you ever waited to do something until everything lined up just perfectly?  Of course you have!

I think we’ve all been victims of “analysis paralysis“; waiting until the time is right, the season is upon us, or the moment is perfect.  But let’s be real, how often does that happen?  Every blue moon?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not finding any blue moons in my corner of the sky.  The time to act is NOW.

So many times, we miss out on the wonderful blessings in store for us as a result of our “waiting”.  Waiting for something to happen, or appear in order for us to move forward with our plans.

Best Laid Plans…

I have been waiting for 6 months to launch my website.  The stars have not lined up as I had anticipated (do they ever?!), so I decided to go with Plan B.  Was this a plan I developed when I created Plan A?  Unfortunately, not.  Had I done so, you would have been receiving this post three months ago.  Everything we go through makes us stronger, if we are open to learning the lesson.

So…Ready or Not….

No, I don’t have a professional website.  No, I don’t have my URL secured yet, and my logo and my business cards are still under construction. But if I wait for all the stars to align perfectly, I will miss out on fulfilling the assignment that God has placed  me here to do, and that is to impact the lives of women throughout the world.  How unfair of me to wait until I thought I was ready!

Everything you need in order to do what you were called to do is already inside of you.  You just have to muster up the courage to step out on faith, even if things don’t seem to line up perfectly.

No More Excuses…

Soooo…WELCOME to my preliminary Website; my Blog.  I’m still learning how to maneuver through the wonderful world of technology.  No, I haven’t included all the widgets I need, (intersting name, isn’t it?!), and no, I have yet to upgrade to customization,  but I will no longer let my ignorance hold me captive.  I will learn as I go; make mistakes along the way, and learn from every one of them.

One of my most recent journal entries revealed to me that I must do the best with what I have before expecting anything more. So I invite you to take this journey with me as I fail forward, call upon that which is already inside of me,  and collect blessings along the way.


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