People say to me

What a pleasure it is to meet you!  

My name is Pamela Byrd.  


A Boundaries Coach

Journaling Practitioner

But my most important role is…..WARRIOR FOR CHRIST!!

As a Boundaries Coach:

I  partner with women who are in the prime of their lives (40+) by helping them to understand the significance of establishing healthy boundaries.  

In My Opinion:

If you have reached the exhilarating age of 40 and:

  • still putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own,
  • keep saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”,
  • take on other people’s responsibilities and get mad at them for what YOU’VE done
  • still allowing your painful past to dictate your future

Then,  we need to talk, because there are indicators going on behind the scenes that are preventing you from fulfilling your purpose!

Now, I know the word “Purpose” has been thrown out there like a fish line anchored with bait, but hear my out…

There is a particular assignment that you have been sent here on this earth to complete.  Here’s the kicker — you have already been equipped with everything you need to complete it!

 Your ability and willingness to embrace your God-given assignment and begin walking it out will require someone helping you.

Someone who is gifted to dig deep enough with you to uncover your point of origin for those FALSE, self-sabotaging beliefs that cause you to hold on to the LIE that you are not

“good enough”

 “strong enough”

“pretty enough”


“smart enough”

to do what you KNOW IN YOUR HEART you need to be doing!

Here’s Basically What I Do...

  • I serve as your guide by helping you to identify barriers that may be preventing you from achieving specific goals.
  • I teach you how to establish healthy boundaries in order to build and maintain solid relationships.
  • I show you how to identify self-defeating patterns and work towards more fulfilling outcomes.
  • I help you get “unstuck” from your past so you can overcome your present trials and move forward to a more rewarding future.
  • I become a deliberate source of accountability to help you establish and achieve specific goals.

I can honestly say that I am “LIVING IN MY GIFTEDNESS”!  That means, I am walking in my God-directed purpose and impacting the lives of those whom God has assigned me to touch.

I was born to be a Life Coach  

The experiences I have had and the trials I have come through have equipped me to be a “Boundaries Coach”.

My passion, my drive and my purpose, is to support victorious women on their path toward spiritual growth by helping them to identify and eliminate distractions that have been placed in their pathway–through group or individual coaching sessions.

As a Journaling Practitioner:

I help you to uncover the benefits of  journal  writing and guide you in understanding the value of adding this results-based practice into your daily life.

But I don’t stop there.  I show you how to create  healthy internal and external boundaries through this highly regarded yet under utilized form of self-discovery.


journaling workshop photo

I have developed and conducted a series of thought-provoking Journaling Workshops

(both live and virtual)

where groups of individuals such as yourself are educated on various styles of journaling and discover how this practice can assist them in eliminating self-defeating patterns that may be hindering their growth and the pursuit of their purpose.

As each participant embarks on this journey of discovery,

they begin to establish those much needed boundaries.

I conduct several workshops and empowerment seminars for women; both in person and virtual,

as well as

corporate training programs on Leadership and Boundary Development in the workplace.


SHEroes Arise!” – An intensive 3 Month Course Group

sheros arise banner

This Course offering supports and guides women who are ready to focus on discovering God’s plan for their lives instead of their own.  By  tapping into their spiritual gifts,  these women work collaboratively to lay the groundwork for identifying and pursuing their God given purpose.

“Courageous Leadership” – A 12-week Leadership Development Program

Courageous Leadership

This 5-week tiered approach training course includes group training and 1-on-1 coaching sessions with each leader helping them to increase their efficiencies in driving performance, challenging people and confronting problems. Each leader will walk away with the ability to model leadership and to take the appropriate steps in ensuring buy-in and compliance from their respective teams.

If you are a woman who

(or you know women who)

has reached or surpassed the wonderful age of 40 and:


  • Have barriers that are preventing you from moving forward but can’t pin point what they are
  • Want to eliminate self-defeating patterns that are hindering your forward progression
  • Permit distractions to get in the way of achieving your goals and you don’t know why
  • Fear the thought of establishing boundaries for fear that you will not be loved or accepted
  • Have allowed your past to get in the way of the future you would like to have

Let’s schedule a  Discovery Session  to determine how the work I do can benefit you.  


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