Now, THAT’S The Love of God!

When you cozy up to a fireplace on a cold, snowy day…

That’s the Love of God

waking upWhen you curl up under a warm comforter in your nice, soft bed after a long day on your feet…

That’s the love of God

When you stand on the balcony of a log cabin in the mountains on a crisp clear, spring day and listen


That’s the love of God.


When the warmth of the sun caresses you..

That’s the love of God. 

When you nestle your newborn baby in your arms, feel their soft skin, smell their sweet fragrance, 

hold their little hand and kiss their gentle forehead…

That’s the love of God.

father kissing baby

There are many examples of God’s love all around you.

How often have you stopped to ponder what God’s love feels like?

What it looks like?

Seek out examples in your everyday lives. We’re all motivated by the everyday tasks that monopolize our every waking moment.

Honor God today for the time He has given you this day and bask in the glory of His love for you today.

Why is it

that when someone dies, we will stop what we are doing for a moment of silence?

To honor them.

Take a moment… this very moment…. to have a moment of silence that someone lives. It could be you, it could be someone you love.

Now, That’s the love of God!


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