Mother’s Day – 365 Days A Year

Four Generations; Me, my Mom, my Daughter and 2 of my grandchildren.


As I delve into my daily ritual of devotion to self; through reflection, prayer and journaling, I am reminded of how special it is to be a mother.  Being a mother, doesn’t necessarily mean that I have given birth to a beautiful human being (or 2, or 3), but that I have mothered.  A mother is the most precious gift there is and worthy of celebration.

There are times when mothering is perceived as a chore.  Times when our heart  breaks because we are doing all that we know, and yet still may not get the results we are seeking.  And yet, there are those times when a single moment, a single gesture, makes it all worthwhile.

I was speaking with my daughter in California today, and through my weekly nurturing and coaching with her, I was reminded of a leadership CD I listened to recently, where it was brought to my reality that basically only 35% of what we choose to do in life brings satisfaction and joy.  The other 65% provides frustration, impatience and all out grief!  It’s in those moments, when dissected properly through reflection will bring us to the realization that this is a stretching that needs to occur in order to be the best in the 35%.

As you reflect on motherhood, bring yourself to a place where you embrace the opportunity to nurture yourself.  Gift yourself by carving out time to embrace your womanhood, your servant hood and your ability to nurture others, but never lose sight of the 35% and take just a smidgen of the 65% and begin to invest time in yourself so that you can be all that you need to be to and for others.

Today, and every day, celebrate the precious gift of womanhood 365 Days a Year.

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