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Let’s Talk Candidly About Boundaries, Shall We?!

Contrary to popular belief, love DOES know boundaries.  There is a famous quote by the late Maya Angelou where she offers comfort and a glimpse of hope to those who are searching for love that knows no barriers.

“Love recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences,

penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

This quote has often been misinterpreted as Love knows no boundaries.  There is a difference between the two.

Maya Angelou was making it clear that while love has barriers, it doesn’t recognize them.  Choosing to ignore limits or roadblocks in a relationship is a risk.  Consequently, unrecognized barriers can be quite dangerous.  Especially for someone who grew up in a home where healthy boundaries were non-existent.

Since there is so much confusion in this area, I have created a series of conversations on how and why to set healthy boundaries; not only with others, but with ourselves as well.

“Love Knows Boundaries – Candid Conversations” is a series of videos that focuses on the many areas in our lives where boundaries are needed.  I can’t wait for you to hear them!

Here’s Why These Candid Conversations Are So Important:

The topics I address are based on things that happen every day.

Maybe, you have never considered that a boundary was needed in that particular area.

The boundaries that we set are not only for other people (external).

They are also internal.  Internal boundaries help us to live our lives in a way that pleases God.

They also free us to live it according to the purpose that He has designed especially for us.

What Keeps People from Setting Healthy Boundaries?

Many times, the word “boundaries” is considered negative because of our fear in how others will respond to them. Knowing how to set boundaries allows you to live your life free from the control of others. Many are unable to set healthy boundaries for two reasons:On Becoming

  1. They are not aware of where boundaries are needed in their lives and
  2. They struggle with feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth, to the point where they don’t believe they deserve more than what life is handing them.

I offer a Byrd’s Eye View on several topics; a broader perspective than what may appear on the surface.  Some of these topics will not surprise you.  Some of them will.  God has brought me to a place where my passivity is no longer acceptable based on my God-given purpose.  There is a role I must play, based on the gifts that I have been given and hiding these gifts under a veil of fear (worrying about what others will think) is no longer an option.

God honored Boundaries

There is a reason you have the gifts you have.  When you fail to use your gifts as God intended, you forfeit the opportunity to life a life of significance.

If you know your spiritual gifts, and you understand why you have them, you won’t allow anything or anyone to prevent you from walking in your “giftedness”.

Yeah, I know…life gets in the way. 

We experience bumps in the road.
 But sometimes, let’s be honest,
we use these bumps as excuses for not fulfilling our purpose.

But let me stop you for a minute…

Have you ever considered that the bumps you run into are there for a reason? 

Rather than seeing these bumps as reasons to stop,

see them as stepping-stones to walking in your purpose. 

Oftentimes, we are where we are in life due to decisions we have made without conferring with God and allowing His guidance.  Sometimes, He is guiding us, but we’re  not listening because it wasn’t exactly what we wanted to hear.

Because of this, some of us have to go back further than others. We may have detoured so far off course, that it will take more work to get back on track.

The best example I can give you of this is Jonah and the Whale. (Jonah 1:3)  Need I say more?

Get Ready to Gain a New Perspective

In closing, take the time to listen  to these candid conversations.  As you listen, consider areas of your life where your willingness to set healthy boundaries could be a game-changer.

Also, email me with questions or topics you would like for me to discuss.  I am sure there is someone else who could benefit from the perspective I will share on that given topic, so, don’t hold back.

My goal is to offer you a unique perspective of the different situations you may encounter, and help you to begin considering different perspectives. As a result, these new perspectives can greatly alter your outcomes and allow you to set healthy boundaries were needed.

Most importantly, these messages are meant to empower you to live the life that God intended.

I am honored to provide them to you.

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Love Knows Boundaries

The Need to Set Boundaries for Women of God