little pam with caption“There is a very human tendency to deny the fallacies and tragedies in our lives, but these are the very things that sometimes deliver us to ourselves – if we can learn from them.” 
Jane Fonda, Prime Time

“Life is like a chalkboard, and you hold the eraser — to erase away old habits and patterns.  Before you can erase it, you have to see it on the board.  This is where the Art of Journaling begins.  

Pamela Byrd, Byrd’s Eye View 

Growing up was not easy for me.  This journey has not been an easy one.  Nor has it been easy for many; far easier for less than most. Trying to come into our own through the pain of a childhood wrought with parental abandonment, addictions and exposure to situations far too complex for our delicate minds to understand leaves us in a state of delusion as to the realities of life.

As we enter into the realm of adulthood and begin to travel on our chosen roads toward the life we expect, the past creeps up on us like an unexpected bacterial cyst.  A re-occurring outbreak when least expected. 

Our day dreams and temporary fantasies of a childhood filled with Brady Bunch love and Walton Family values provided us with a momentary safe haven, in the midst of our chaotic world, only to be awakened by the abrupt reality of a family competing with the likes of The Adams Family and The Simpsons.

brady bunch WaltonsThis reality was far too common throughout my journey through childhood, being tossed around like a hot potato.  I graduated high school after attending 13 different schools.  It’s hard to build and maintain friendships as a child when you are tossed to and fro.

My key-laden diary became my only reliable confidante, my constant companion.

Journey through Journaling

The little girl sitting at the piano…. My very first, “Dear Kit-Kat.” Yes, I still have it!

Her name was first Kit-Kat, then Kitty, a new nickname for each new diary begun.  Her identity was changed for her, as it was for me with each new transfer.

It was no different from the constant change I had become accustomed to.  After all, misery loves company, and what better company than your very own best friend.  My diary and I shared many experiences.  We laughed and cried together continuously as the years passed by.

I schedule a reunion with my best friend ever so often.  Now, we have grown up together and continue to share our experiences.  We sometimes reflect on the years gone by.  We help each other to identify patterns that may be holding us back. Those self-defeating patterns that may be preventing us from living the life we dreamed of so long ago.

This amazing friendship has unveiled a valuable tool for moving me through life’s terrain.  It has given me the ability to look at my experiences and develop a plan of action.  One that allows me to find  historical data that may be hindering my forward movement.  Movement toward the life that God has pre-destined for me.

“What Good Is a Gift, if you don’t Share it with others?”

God Has Made a Message Out of My Mess

He has provided me with a gift to share with others.  Many people struggle to make sense of where they are on their own journey. So often they are unaware of the triggers that are keeping them from moving forward in a productive way.  In the direction that God has charted out for them.

journal in writingGain clarity on where you are and how you came to be at this particular place, as you reflect on your past.  Many times, it’s not until we are able to travel down this road, that we are equipped to move further along that pre-destined road, void of distractions and proverbial forks in the road.

 I Take This Journey With You as Your Guide

I introduce you to various styles and forms of journaling .
Learn How To:
  • Explore fresh ideas for capturing your world in writing through self-reflection
  • Transform difficult life transitions into personal growth
  • Identify self-defeating patterns that may be hindering your progression
  • Gain freedom from your past, overcome present trials and move forward to a more rewarding future

As a result, you will be able to discard any hindrances that are blocking the pathway on your journey to your intended destination.

Tap into solutions for clearing emotional clutter through the journaling styles we will explore.  This will allow you to freely forgive; not only yourself, but others.  As a result, you will gain a better understanding of what was, what is and what’s possible.

 In conclusion, if journal writing is a practice that you have incorporated into your daily ritual and/or you would like to become more knowledgeable in how journal writing can work for you,
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Here,  you will gain valuable insights and shared revelations through the practice of journaling.