It Just Doesn’t Hurt Bad Enough!

I love to tell the story of the whimpering canine that is hunched over on the front porch of a little country house on a little country road

As a city gentleman passes the house with the owner sitting on the front porch, rocking in a rocking chair accompanied by his companion friend, his dog, this city gentleman stops to say hello. During his brief conversation with the nice man, he notices that the dog is whimpering. This whimpering continued throughout the dialog between the owner and the passerby. As the two men continued with pleasantries, the city gentleman inquired of the owner, “I’m curious, why is your dog whimpering?” The owner replied, “Oh, he is sitting on a nail”. Out of curiosity, the gentleman inquired, “I see…but I have to ask….why doesn’t he just get off the nail?”

The owner shrugged, “I guess it doesn’t hurt bad enough”.

This story seemed too familiar to me. 

Many women are sitting on a nail and whimpering. 

Life has dealt them a hand that they don’t like to play. 

Instead of throwing in the hand for another deal, they choose to sit with their current hand and whimper about its  ineffectiveness.

Why don’t they get off the nail?

Why do they continue to endure the pain vs. ridding themselves of the obstruction that is inflicting so much pain?

I can only assume that it doesn’t hurt bad enough.

So many times, God is prompting us to take that first step, but our fear of what’s in store keeps us right where we are. 

Sound familiar?  Let’s go back to the time of Moses.  I believe we all  know how long the Israelites wondered in the wilderness…what was it…40 years?

Interestingly enough, the actual distance from Egypt to the promise land was only a 13 day journey.  Why do you think it took so long?  You guessed it…

it just didn’t hurt bad enough. 

They complained about their circumstances, but were not willing to follow the steps provided to them by their guide, Moses.  The result, many died in that wilderness, unable to truly experience what God had promised them.

Who is to blame for the dog’s pain? 

Is it the nail?  Is it the owner?  Come to think of it, who was to blame for the 40 year journey?

Was it God?

Was it Moses?

We all are in a position to make choices.  We all have that power.  What we choose to do with that power is totally up to us, with no blame on anyone else.  Whatever you choose to do, you have made a choice.

woman screamingThere’s a choice you make in everything you do, but keep in mind, that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.

Are You Ready to Get Off the Nail?

“Something’s Gotta Give!” Women’s Master Mind Group enables women to get off the nail.

To begin healing the wounds that have been  inflicted from sitting on the nail too long.

It is NOT a pity party where women commiserate and wallow in their pain.  It is a forum for women to come together to move forward toward achieving their goals in a safe, productive environment…and only for those who are ready, for those who are sick and tired or being sick and tired, and are ready to achieve something more.

NO MORE SAD  STORIES!  2013 is a year for breakthrough, if you choose for it to be…the choice us up to you.

Unless of course, the nail, just doesn’t hurt bad enough.

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