Ironically, The “Gift of Wisdom” was Not For You

In November, I heeded a prompting in my spirit to offer a series of recordings that would help others to understand the Book of Proverbs.  Little did I know that this

“Gift of Wisdom” was a gift that God was giving to me! 

sharingOh sure, I shared this gift with you because I was taught to share.  I did not grow up as an only child. Raised with two sisters and not having much to begin with, we each learned to share what we had, no matter how painful it might have been.  Anyone who has a two year old has heard much too often the word, “MINE”!  We have to be taught to share.

Now that this “sharing” lesson has been engrained in us, when we have something good, we can’t wait to share it, so I did what I could to share this wonderful Gift of Wisdom with as many as I could, to as many that were open to receiving what I had to share.

All of you accepted this gift graciously;

many of you opened this gift,

and some of you actually used this gift,

but sadly, some of you left it unopened, or tossed in the back of the closet like an unwanted woman-holding-an-unwanted-gift-pic-getty-images-435436492gift as if it was either the wrong size, the wrong color, or just not your style.  Of course, if a gift is not used, you fail to reap the blessings from it or realize its value.

I received two very valuable gifts for Christmas this year; a Keurig Coffee Machine from my wonderful hubby and a Magic Bullet NutriBullet from my very health-conscious daughter who only wants the best for me.  These two gifts were opened on Christmas Day and I have used them daily ever since.  I have offered or shared cups of coffee and smoothies with everyone that has visited my home; not only because I love my gifts, but because I have received value from them and can’t wait to share these benefits with others.

I knew that my obedience to God’s prompting would yield great blessings, but I had no idea the depth of these blessings until I completed the 31st day of the recordings.

It was at that time that God began to reveal things in my life that would usher in a clear picture of what He actually had in store for me.  Through the commitment I made to this work,  He is walking me into my purpose and has made it clearer than ever before.

I Send This Message to You for Two Reasons;

  1. Because this has been the most awesome gift I have ever received and I could not wait to share it!  and
  2. Because I want you to know that this gift is yours to enjoy as well, as long as you are willing to do the work to receive it.                                                                                                           Your commitment to God and His Word will yield blessings to you that you                        cannot possibly fathom until you step out and commit to doing the work.

MosesThere were two occurrences listed in the Bible where God caused the waters to part;

Once when the Israelites needed to escape from the Egyptian Army (Exodus 14:21, 22) & Once when the Israelites needed to cross the Jordan River (Joshua 3:11-17)

On both occasions, nothing happened with the water until a command was honored; Moses was instructed to raise his staff and the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant were instructed to step into the river.  Nothing happens until we step out on faith and commit to doing the work.

My hope and prayer is that you open up the Gift that God has given to you, His Word, and begin to open up your heart to hearing all that He wants to reveal to you.

bibleHonestly, all that He has revealed to me through my communication with Him has not been easy, but necessary to be the vessel He needs me to be so that I may be used by Him.


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