I’m Sorry, Did You Just Say Something Nice???

Do you turn the channel when you see bad or negative?

Children impoverished, or being exploited for sex trafficking, women in the sex trade? “Oh, she’s a prostitute, stay away from her!”

gossipNEWS FLASH, it doesn’t have to be on the television screen, it could be right in front of your eyes.  You criticize, shake your head, or just turn and walk away.  Everything we see in this world allows us another opportunity to realize just how blessed we are.  How thankful we are for what God has done for us.

Every time we be-little another human being- every time we criticize, judge or condemn, we are exposing our own insecurities.  If we can just prove to ourselves that SOMEONE is less of a human being than we are, we can feel a little better about ourselves.

We don’t have to cut anyone  down to lift ourselves up.  The more opportunity we give ourselves to give thanks, the more compassion we have for others because we realize that we are blessed, and blessed for a reason – to be a blessing to others.


I walk around every day noticing the good in others.   Because of what I do, I teach women to always accentuate their best asset(s).  Play it up!  Everyone has some good quality that they can make the most of.  But I don’t stop there.  I take it one step further.  I tell them what I notice about them.  Why?  Because I know who I am and Who’s I am, and I am blessed to be a blessing to others.


YOUR DAILY MISSION (should you accept it) should be to  make someone else’s day just a little brighter.  So many people have never had anyone pay them a genuine compliment!  That’s sad, isn’t it?


two women

Make it your goal to speak blessings into someone’s life every day.  “That’s a really nice tie”, “I love those shoes”,  “your hair looks really nice today”, or “You’ve done a really great job with your kids”Your ability to do this will have to come from a confidence in who you are and a thankfulness for all you are in Christ and the acknowledgement of all that he has already done for you.




Pamela Byrd (Wilderness Journeys) is a Spiritual Life Coach and Journaling Practitioner.

She is a staunch advocate for human potential and partners with individuals in learning how to develop the discipline of personal journaling as a tool for personal growth .

She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.


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