I Know My Spiritual Gifts, Now What?

Phantom Rolls Royce

Phantom Rolls Royce

JUST IMAGINE that someone gave you a brand new shiny Phantom Rolls Royce (my dream car BTW!).  The color is exactly what you wanted and the smell of leather in the interior reeks of newness.

The car title has been handed over to you with your name printed in BOLD letters.

Honey, it’s yours!!

How excited would you be?  Are you ready to take it for a drive?  Are you ready to show it off to your friends and family?  Better yet…here’s your opportunity to drive by the house of an old acquaintance – one who told you that “you wouldn’t amount to anything”.  This is your perfect opportunity to gloat.  LET’S GO!! BUT WAIT…Where are the keys?  Now you’re thinking, “I knew this was too good to be keystrue!”  Hold up…don’t  give up so fast.  The gift is yours.  You just have to do your part to activate it…to turn it on. After all, you can’t go anywhere in it until you figure out how to turn it on.  It’s somewhere around here, you just have to look for it.  No…it’s not like finding a needle in a haystack.  It’s much simpler than that. God has given each of us special gifts.  The combination of our gifts confirms that we are unequally and wonderfully made.  He has just given you a glimpse of your awesomeness through these gifts.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find out how to activate them.

Here are two questions I would ask someone if they handed me the car of my dreams: 1)      Why me? 2)       What is this going to cost me? skeptical-womanAdmit it, we’re all just a little bit skeptical (or a lot, depending on our past experiences) as to why someone would  just “give” us something? What’s the catch?  What are they expecting in return? Your questions are valid, no matter how deep your suspicions.  Yes, your spiritual gifts do come with “strings attached”.   Your gifts will not be activated until you are instructed on how to use them. This is where the “strings” come in.  Your duty and responsibility is to seek [and] to understand. The only way we will receive this understanding is by asking God for wisdom.

WISDOM IS THE KEY!wisdom key

The key to activating your gifts.  Just as a car won’t start without the keys, your gifts won’t be utilized to their fullest capabilities until you receive the wisdom that reveals how to use them.

So many people fail to acknowledge that they are here for a reason.  We all have a purpose, and God has equipped us with everything we need to carry it out.

Back to my beautiful new Phantom Rolls Royce…it’s a wonderful gift, but what good does it do to me if I don’t have the keys?

The keys to unlocking the power of your spiritual gifts lie in seeking answers through God’s Word.

When King David died, his son Solomon was appointed King, by God (I Kings 1:30).  He was given a most honored gift.  Solomon was well aware of his shortcomings and was quite overwhelmed with this awesome gift that had been given to him.  Because of this, he made a request of the Gift Giver, “Give me now wisdom and knowledge to go out and come in before this people, for who can rule this Your people who are great?” (II Chronicles 1:10).  God was so pleased with Solomon’s selfless request that He granted his request and threw in a few extras (riches and honor)! spiritual giftsAs you accept and embrace your spiritual gifts,  seek God’s wisdom to understand the reason they were given to you.  What will He have you to do with them?  How have they equipped you for your God-given purpose? Do your gifts come with “strings” attached? ABSOLUTELY!!  Your willingness to commit to seeking these answers will enable you to live your life ON POINT AND ON PURPOSE.

How are your spiritual gifts serving you?

More importantly, how are you using them to serve others?

If this is a question that you cannot readily answer, you are not alone.  There are many people who are just not sure of what spiritual gifts they have and the reason for them until someone helps to uncover them.  If this is something you are curious about, allow me to help you by indicating your interest in the form below.


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