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Change the Way You Look at “FEAR”

“What Did I Learn Today?  I learned how to change the way I look at fear.”

Hello FearAs a journal writing Practitioner, I am constantly sharing tips on the many styles of journal writing and how this thought-provoking practice serves as a tool for self-reflection, personal growth and healing.

One of the most rewarding styles of journal writing is called REFLECTIVE JOURNALING”.  When helping people to uncover the value in this style of journal writing and what it can do for them,  I saddle them with a daily journal writing exercise where they expound on the answer to the question,  What Did I Learn Today”.

Here is just an example, from a previous journal entry, of what one can learn and how one can apply this lesson to their everyday lives:

October 12, 2011

What Did I Learn Today?

FearI learned to change the way I look at fear. 

Reading “Do it Afraid”, by Joyce Meyer,  has taught me that I have to walk back through the doors of pain to get through it.  The more we run away from it, the more doors we shut and collect that take us further into the jail cell of fear where the enemy wants us to stay. 

Every time we allow fear to stop us from doing something, we take ourselves deeper into the prison walls. 

You Hold the KeyImagine yourself going into a dark and dirty dungeon of solitary confinement.

The key that locks the cell is in your hands.

You can get yourself out.

You can free yourself from this prison by using the key in your hand to unlock the door, open it and walk toward freedom.

Every step you take will lead you to another locked door, but your key opens every door that you meet.

That key is the Word, God’s Word. 

His Word is the key to unlocking every door that stands between you and your freedom from fear. The steps you take to unlock these doors are the realization that you have to walk in the direction of the locked door to get out and to be set free.

This means walking towards the fear–

and not trying to deny it, or allowing it to hold you captive, especially when…get this….


What fear are you holding on to and how is it  keeping you from moving forward? 
Is it the fear of talking to someone,

the fear of letting go,

the fear of making a much-needed change?

  1. Whatever that fear may be, identify it and give it a name. If you haven’t listened to

    Kirk Franklin’s “Hello Fear” in a while, it’s time to listen to it again, and again, and again.  He provides a wonderful example of developing a dialog with that which you are afraid of. 

  2. Begin to dialog.  Typically fear originates from the unknown or misunderstood.  Your ability to give it a name and converse with it allows you to gain a new perspective on the fear, its origin and its ill-perceived power over you. 
  3. As you begin this dialog, God will begin to lead you to an understanding of that fear.   This is where you start to understand that the key that you hold can unlock the door and move you away from the invisible shackles that have kept you in bondage for far too long.                                                                                                      

    That key is feeling pretty good right about now isn’t it?!

Fearful?  Yes.  BUT, when you truly believe that God is with  you, you know that you can then begin to say and BELIEVE that


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

boundariescoachPamela Byrd is a staunch advocate for human potential with an unwavering commitment to assisting women in their quest toward achieving something more.

She has a distinct gift for helping others to uncover their value and regain their warrior status to move toward achieving their life’s goals.



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