The cycle of change gives us windows of opportunity in which to make decisions.
Sometimes that cycle only goes around once. Miss it and the opportunity is gone ^
John Maxwell
THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS PREVALENT IN TODAY’S SOCIETY.  Unfortunately, the desire for change is not as easily embraced.  When it is, the change we are hoping for tends to lean toward a change in external forces; a job, the economy, a change from the heat (or cold), or a change in gas prices.
We are predominantly consumed with changing things we have no control over.  Have you ever traveled to a pre-determined destination on a road that you have traveled many times?  Your subconscious mind has implanted the route in your mind, relieving you of the task of even thinking about it.  Ahhh… but here comes a hiccup;  on this particular day, the road has been closed due to road construction.  Oh my, what on earth do you do???
1.  ____ Sit there until the road re-opens?
2.  ____ Pick up that cell phone and complain to the DOT
                  (Department of Transportation)?
3.  ____ Take a detour?
If you checked #1, you are waiting for someone else to change things in your life.  “If I sit here long enough, things are bound to change for me, then I will move forward.”
So many times, this thought process relates to waiting for other people in our lives to change before we do.  Just imagine how much you miss waiting for someone or something else to change.
If you checked #2, you are making excuses that prevent you from making the change that could get you to where you want to be.
THERE are many layman interpretations or definitions of the word “excuses”.   My favorite definition comes from Pastor Creflo Dollar, founder of World Changers Church, International in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Me Removing Myself From the Path of Blame”
hiding little girlAre you hiding behind your wall of excuses for the changes you want to make in your life? Don’t say you want to change if you are not willing to do what it takes to change.
If you checked #3, you understand that it is YOU and only YOU that has the power to change your outcome.
CHANGE  is a process, and that process begins in your mind.  While we can’t change external forces, we can change our reaction to them.  Many times, we don’t have a problem to solve…we just have a decision to make and that decision usually requires change in some form.
The first step in the process of owning change is to eliminate excuses:
I want to change, but…”
“I want to eliminate this in my life, but…”
“I know I can do that, but…”

eraser“But” is the “eraser” for the words stated before it and cancels out any possibility for change.

Here’s a challenge I give to you; identify the number of times you use the word “but” in a sentence every day. Now think of the statements that you have erased just before it.  Each “but” you speak is permission you give yourself to make an excuse as to why your change doesn’t occur.

red hot shoes for blog postI DARE YOU to collect a quarter for every time you catch yourself.  You just might be able to buy yourself that pair of shoes you’ve been admiring at the end of the month, or buy yourself a nice dinner from a restaurant that doesn’t display the menu over your head!
It is not an instant “I Dream of Jeannie” arm crossing, head nodding event.
It takes time.
Your embrace of this process has to begin somewhere, and that is in your mind.
Romans 12:2 states, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
I once heard John Maxwell share a quote,
“There’s a choice we make in everything we do, but just remember, that in the end, 
the choice you make makes you”.
IF you sincerely want something to change in your life, eliminate the excuses and begin to discover what you truly want to change and begin the process.
IF change is something you are ready for, on your terms, please share your response to the question of what you would do in the event of a road block (#’s 1 – 3 above).
Is this a revelation or confirmation for you?


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