Are You Blocking Your Own Blessing?


When we ask God for something, He’s not going to give it in the way we have rehearsed it in our minds.  The purpose is clear, but the process is not and sometimes the results aren’t either. What we do know is that we can trust that our sincere asking (the purpose) will be clear and that the process and results are  a part of God’s plan. In II Kings 3:10, the King of Israel sought God’s refuge to deliver the Israelites from their enemies.   God worked through the prophet Elisha to bring victory to them against the Moabites.  He began the process by instructing them to ” make this dry bed full of trenches“, and that He would fill the ravine with water, so that they would be nourished.


In our quest for an answer to our prayers, we may think, “what does this have to do with deliverance from my enemies?!”  Keep in mind, God made a request of them here.  Had they not followed His instruction, they would have never experienced God’s blessings. You could say that this instruction was preparation for the blessing. So many times, we don’t understand what God is doing, or the process He is taking us through.  Consequently, when He instructs us to do something, and we don’t understand it, we don’t do it.

Proverbs 3:5,6 instructs us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding…

Our feeble earthly understanding is hardly capable of comprehending supernatural processes.  We can assume that God is going to work things out in a certain way, simply because we may have seen it work out that way before, or we may have witnessed what He has done for someone else on their particular journey. But for us, God says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing.”  Our instruction is to trust Him in the process.

Now, back to the Story…

II Kings 3:20 indicates that, “in the morning, the country was filled with water.”  This preparation needed to take place in order for victory to come.  When the enemy (the Moabites) saw the land full of water, they perceived it as red blood and assumed that the Israelites had slain one another.  This prompted them to go in “for the spoil”…for the easy win (or so they thought!)  This allowed the Israelites to destroy them as they entered their territory. Talk about the ultimate element of surprise!

Your Part In the Blessing:

The process of your blessings will come only through God’s choice.  Your role is obedience to His instruction.  What He requires of you in the process is mandatory in order for you to obtain the victory. Please understand, God wants the best for you, so when you ask for something, make sure that you are doing your part, that which He requires of you as part of that process of manifesting your blessings.


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