A Night of Self Discovery for Women 40+

 I am so excited to present to you

A Journaling Cafe

exclusively for women age 40+

                 **Click on photo to access video***

Uniquely designed for the Ageless Soul

As Women beyond our 40’s, our thoughts on “aging” have become our new reality.

 Unfortunately, we tend to place far too much pressure on ourselves by buying into                

“society’s”   disparaging definition of a process that has the potential to be the most  amazing chapter in our lives.

Through this highly interactive “gathering” of  minds and hearts, we will re-construct our views on aging!


Here, we will share wisdom and insights from lessons learned  throughout
this journey called LIFE!

Won’t you join us for a night of  
 Fun, Creativity &  Discovery

as we escape from our day-to-day activities and Ignite our Pleasure Principle through
the Art of Journaling

As a Part of this “Gathering”, You Will: 

  • Explore fresh ideas for capturing your world in writing through self-reflection 
  • Discover journaling forms and styles that provide clarity and bring you to resolution
  • Tap into opportunities for transforming difficult life transitions into personal growth
  • Discover a prescription for anti-aging that marvels any doctors’ orders!

Come and participate in hands-on activities that will teach you how to use various journaling styles in a collaborative learning environment that fosters a spirit of playfulness and self-discovery.

You will learn how to use these diverse styles of journaling as a guide a for capturing your own journey toward self-actualization.*

*This workshop does not require any previous journaling experience or skill.



Pamela Byrd (Byrd’s Eye View)
is a Boundary Development Coach and Journaling Practitioner.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of setting healthy boundaries while sharing how the practice of journal writing can be used as a tool for managing life and living it on your terms. She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.

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