A Labor of Love – Expanding This Journey in 2013

Wilderness Journey

 IT HAS BEEN 6 years since I began my entrepreneurial journey.  This past year of getting on track with God’s purpose for my life has been full of blessings and growth.  I have been blessed to meet some amazing individuals who have touched my life in so many ways.  Building a business that allows you to live your passion and use your spiritual gifts is the best prescription for success.  This is where growth begins to occur exponentially.

Developing my craft over the past year has truly been a Labor of Love

I know that sounds cliché, but let’s take a moment to define “Labor”.  The dictionary defines labor as “physical exertion that is usually difficult and exhaustive.”  This explanation is further defined by one’s own perspective;

A mother equates labor with childbirth

Individuals who go to work every day conjure up thoughts of a day off for “Labor Day”, a time of rest away from their arduous day-to-day employment responsibilities

To put it bluntly, labor means “WORK”!  To truly understand and appreciate the labor of work, it is important to look at it in terms of a verb vs. a noun.  That can be done in either of the examples I have given; however, it is important to remember that each act of labor (as a verb) leads to a desired outcome;

as a mother, you are laboring toward a precious new creation.

As an employee, you are working toward a paycheck, a means toward survival.

My coaching practice has been a “labor of love” in that it has given me an opportunity to build toward doing what is ultimately my purpose.



Growth in terms of commitment, self-discipline facing fears and overcoming rejection, all qualities needed in order to achieve success.  Is that easy? Not at all… it’s WORK!  But, understanding the outcome makes the labor well worth the effort.

It is important to confess, that I did not go this alone.  I have had mentors, coaches and spiritual guidance along the way.  Contrary to what we may believe, we cannot go it alone.  Realizing that you do not have to go at it alone is the first step toward reaching your goals.  If this were not true, you would already be there.


The work I have done  over the past year has provided me with clarity, direction and purpose.  Each client and each new relationship I have developed has led me to realize the importance of following my heart and utilizing the spiritual gifts that God has given me.  This growth process has tailored my focus on guiding others toward their own spiritual growth.

holdhandsThere is no end to your journey, but there is an end to your time in the wilderness.  Through the exact same disciplines that I have come to embrace in building my coaching practice, you can navigate successfully through your own wilderness by committing to your own growth through;



                                       facing fears and

moving toward a life of wholeness

This next year begins a new focus for Wilderness Journeys.  I  will continue to support victorious women as they learn to set boundaries in every aspect of their lives in order to live life more abundantly.   In taking it one step further, I will be sharing tools that will equip them on their journey, and helping them to discover their gifts and the reasons for them.   This is when blessings really begin to manifest in their lives.                                                          


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