In THE VIDEO above,  you with see testimonials from people who have embraced the practice of journaling.   These testimonials will show you how  different journaling styles can benefit you as well.

Why Journal?  Just in case you didn’t know, a journal is a form of writing that helps you gain clarity.  It is used as a tool for working through issues that are causing you pain or confusion. It is also a great way to move from where you are to where you want to be. I’d like to share a few testimonials with you.  Testimonials from those I have worked with who have embraced the practice of journaling.

Bottom line, the goal in journaling is to find answers.  To make peace with your life and to uncover your  ability to create solutions to life-long dilemmas and repeated mistakes. 

TESTIMONIALS – The Benefits of Journaling

I began my own journaling practice when I was 11 years old when I received my first diary. As a Journaling Practitioner, I have been teaching people how to journal for the past 10 years.  Due to the benefits received,  I have compiled the testimonials of a few of the individuals that have worked with me.  These testimonials provide details on how the practice of journal writing has benefited my clients over a number of years.

Do You Have the Courage to Journal?

First of all, journaling takes courage. It takes courage to open up and consider other perspectives.  Hence, your decision to journal will empower you to identify why you see things the way you do.  You will understand why you respond the way you do in particular situations and to particular people.  It will allow you to see these scenarios through different eyes.

Furthermore, the time you commit to journaling will  provide clarity of view,  Sometimes, removing the veil that has been clouding your own view like steam from the shower on a bathroom mirror.

So, Here Are A Few Questions For You:

Do You Journal?
Are You Familiar with  Different Journaling Styles?
Do You Know How Different Styles Can Help You to Reach Specific Goals?
Is Journaling Something You Start and Stop?

Maybe through this video, you will uncover  your own reasons journal.   Then, let’s find out how I can help you to become consistent in using this discipline as a tool for your own personal development.