“Your biggest testimony of courage comes from the willingness to look inside of yourself”                                          Pamela Byrd, Byrd’s Eye View

The practice of writing in a journal provides a way to work through any issues you may be facing.  It serves as a written sounding board for getting to resolutions you can’t get to any other way.  Hence, your mind becomes your companion, your teacher, and your guide, as you begin the exploration of possibilities through the practice of journaling.

This practice has played a major role in my ability to live my life according to God’s plan.   In addition, it has allowed me to embrace the reflective style of journaling.  This style allows me to see just how far God has brought me. However, there are a number of journaling styles that take me to deeper levels untapped through mere reflection.

istock_000002764951xsmallJesus dying on the cross gave us entry into the inner room of the tabernacle, so that we may enter.

The deeper I go with journal writing, the greater my entry into the inner room of the tabernacle.  Therefore, the deeper I allow myself to explore, the more God reveals to me.

There are some places within ourselves that we may view as “off limits”.  Those areas that we dare not step info for fear of what may be revealed.

What are those places that are “off limits” to you? If you were granted access, would you immediately walk in?

You know, those places marked PRIVATE – no Admittance – DO NOT ENTER?

Some examples of these places are either back Stage at a concert, The White House or your Pastor’s Office.  The practice of Journaling provides you with a backstage pass.  Most noteworthy, it is a pass that allows you entry into your soul.  Through journaling, you gain an access to discover who you are and how you came to be where you are. It is a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

There are Many Styles of Journal Writing  

You are probably most familiar with the most popular styles, Reflective and Cathartic.

While these are the most well known, any style can be tailored for capturing your own journey toward self-actualization.  Each offers distinct forms within each style; each for the purpose of getting different results.

Workshop attendees learn to work through the following styles of journaling.  Here they learn the significance of the reflective style of journaling.  But they also gain new perspectives through the results that others are experiencing with other styles :





Free Intuitive

Click on the link to download. JOURNALING STYLES , a compilation of  the different styles and forms of journaling. Here, you will also find a description of what you can expect to experience as a result of incorporating each style into your regular practice.

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In addition, I offer Journaling Workshops, tailored for your group or organization. Because I am so passionate about journal writing, I would love to share how this discipline can help you and/or your group to experience the results I have helped so many others to achieve. Here are just a few examples:

Journaling Workshop

Journaling Workshop



A 3-Hour Workshop

Explore the many styles of journal writing that can be tailored to use as a guide.  To serve as a canvas for capturing your own journey toward self-actualization.



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A 2-Hour Workshop for the Ageless Soul:

An excellent Ladies Night event that engages women in the process of self-discovery while learning a variety of journaling styles.


These workshops do not require any previous journaling experience or skill.

Learn more about Journaling Workshops, and

how to use this discipline as a tool for self-discovery.

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Pamela Byrd (Byrd’s Eye View) is a Boundary Development Coach and Journaling Practitioner.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of setting healthy boundaries while sharing how the practice of journal writing can be used as a tool for managing life and living it on your terms. She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.