What Will It Take to STOP Your Insanity?

We know the definition of Insanity, but how do we stop it?Insanity

First of all, your insanity is the frustration you feel when you allow a situation that you are not happy with to continue.

You know, that situation that makes you want to pull out every strand of hair on your head, even if you don’t have any?!

A dear friend shared with me, “I’m just tired of dealing with this same issue.”

So what will she need to do to get un-tired?

First, she will need to decide what she is “tired” of.  Is it the situation, or her decision to stay in it?  As I tell her and everyone else who comes to me complaining about where they are in life,

“You don’t have a problem, you just have a decision to make.” 

They respond to this reality check as if I just threw a bucket of cold water in their face.  The shock of this statement provides an opportunity to see their situation from another perspective, but only if they so choose.

Sadly, many people are more content with staying right where they are instead of figuring out Insanityways to solve the dilemma they find themselves in.  They would rather that a magic wand should appear to wipe away their own area of contention rather than stepping back long enough to consider how they can move out of the situation themselves.

This takes me to my second point- 

Realizing that you have a choice. 

You can choose to stay in your situation, hoping and praying that something changes,


you can choose to get out of the situation, by developing an exit strategy.

Oftentimes,  this will require allowing someone else to guide you.  Let’s face it, if it didn’t, you would have already done it, right?

21358466_s-300x270Developing an exit strategy will do two things;

1) It will allow you to move closer to doing what you really want to do, and

2) It will make your current situation much easier to bear, because you can now see beyond it.

There is hope in your insanity, and that hope is in knowing that you don’t have to stay in

Portrait of a business woman in an office. Crossed arms

the frustration you are in…it’s just a matter of  Choice…


Don’t allow your frustration to keep you experiencing the level of insanity that you have allowed to monopolize your ability to move beyond it and living the life that you would be much happier living.

If you’re interested in identifying your level of insanity and how it’s blocking you, let’s chat.

Contact me for a complimentary  “Getting to Know You” Strategy call and let’s get you back in balance.

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