How Is the Enemy Using Your Emotions to Distract You?

Our Emotions are the triggers that the enemy uses to keep us from pursuing our God-Given Purpose


Strife, discord, gossip, offense, anger, retaliation, persecution,

ridicule, animosity, dissension

These are the words that come to mind when I think about our emotions and how the enemy uses each of our challenging experiences to yank us off track from fulfilling our purpose.  Imagine you are competing in a 400 meter relay race, and you are the anchor leg.

“Stick”….you are handed the baton and you are off!

Now, just imagine, as you are headed toward the finish line, at least 3 meters ahead of your closest competitor, someone snatches you off the track and leaves you sprawled out on the sideline.

How devastated would you be?  No doubt, your team was counting on you for this win. Your fans in the stands were cheering you on; and now, they are shocked and disappointed.  Not to mention how completely overwhelmed you are with feelings of anger, disappointment, confusion and hopelessness.

What Happened?

We strive to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God.  Many of us are going one step further; we are seeking God’s purpose for our lives.  We understand that there will be obstacles that stand in the way of our pursuit, but oftentimes, we stumble. How we handle these obstacles will determine how far off course we find ourselves in the midst of our pursuit.

The Enemy Knows

Your Godly pursuit is no mystery to your enemy. 

In fact, he has already created a strategy to take you off course, to take you out of the race.  In order for us to deflect his ongoing attacks, we must understand his plan.  We must know that his diabolical plan includes people.  People he  uses to yank you off track from your intended destination.  He uses these people as pawns to trigger your emotions.

In order to fully honor God, we are to honor His commandments.  The greatest of these commandments  is to love one another, as Christ has loved us. 1 Corinthians 13 breaks down love in the way we should consider when it comes to living in harmony with others. Because the enemy is fully aware of this, and understands what pleases God, he does everything he can to cause us to disappoint Him.

Our emotions are the baton that the enemy goes after to take us off course from our intended purpose.


Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions can be our biggest ally or our biggest enemy; depending on how much control we have over them.

When we have little control over our emotions, we react to strife, discord and anger through knee-jerk responses such as retaliation, persecution and ridicule. This can be at home, work, church, or any other place where we interact with others.

If we don’t learn to control our emotions, we create dissension and animosity through either gossip or attacking through a spirit of offense.  In the book, The Bait of Satan, author John Bevere exposes how Satan uses your emotional triggers to throw you off course from pursuing your purpose.  When the devil can cause you to be offended by someone else’s words or actions, he’s got you right where he wants you.  Here is where the anger, disappointment, confusion and hopelessness germinate and cause you to veer off course.

Journaling – A Weapon Against Satan

When these negative emotions begin to simmer within you, taking the time to journal will help you to keep  a low simmer from escalating to a full boil.  But one style may not do the trick.

A Menu of Journaling Styles

Which Style of Journaling Writing is Best for My Given Situation?

Good question!  Because we have an enemy who is at work; one that has a strategy, we must have our own plan of attack.  Our plan should afford us many weapons for use as a part of  our arsenal of defense.

While we must understand the importance of reading God’s Word and the significance of prayer,  we must also have a keen awareness of how our responses are critical to our own success.

Many will consider the practice of journaling without considering its use as a tool.

Just as there are many tools used to achieve success in running a race; the right shoes, the right track, and the right mindset, there are different styles of journal writing that can be used as tools to address specific issues, giving you a better opportunity for success.


1) Cathartic Journaling is the style most often used when people decide to journal.  This style will only take you so far.  While it will help you to spew your emotions out on paper, it does little to move you toward resolve.

2) Reflective Journaling is a style that many will incorporate into their journal writing, but without the consistent use of  this style, one has nothing to look back on to identify the patterns of behavior and responses that keep us going around in circles.  Circles that prevent us from moving away from the people or situations that keep us bound.

3) Dialogical Journaling is a style that serves as your “baton” in your relay race of life.  When used properly, this style offers a sound strategy for working through issues.  It  allows you to manage your emotions so that you can respond  to challenging situations in a way that brings healthy resolve.

4) Proprioceptive or Free-Intuitive is a style that allows you to travel to the core of the chaos you may be experiencing so that you can identify its origin and begin to develop a plan based on your discovery.

Each of these journaling styles give you an awareness of how important our responses are in a given situation and equips us to handle them in a way that brings us to a healthy resolve.

“That’s A Lot of Work!”

Well of course it is!  Tell me, in what area of your life have you been successful that didn’t require WORK??? 

The choice is yours; either you can remain a victim to the attacks and deception that Satan is using other people to heap on you, like a sanitation truck dumping its collections at a waste site on trash day,  OR…you can develop a plan that will help you to identify the enemy’s ploy to take and keep you off course from your intended destination.  Which will you choose?

Here’s the bottom line.  Your decision to use journal writing as a tool in spiritual warfare is a productive strategy.  One that allows you to  identify the enemy’s tactics for keeping you in emotional bondage! 

I’m Ready to Do the Work!

Good for you!  Here’s your next step. Click link for details on how you can participate in my next Journal Writing Forum.  This virtual 6-week course will give insights and instructions on how to use a variety of journaling styles.  Each style is geared toward helping you to develop a strategy for overcoming the obstacles you are facing.

Journaling Course


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