Becoming Who God Created You To BeOn Becoming

When I think of “becoming”, the first thought that comes to mind is the underside of a quilt.  A quilt without the backing to conceal the multitude of threads needed to hold it together.

That backing provides a final “securing” to make sure that the threads are not interrupted from fulfilling their purpose.  The purpose of a quilt is to gather together the many pieces or remnants of material that serve as a form of remembrance. A way to  acknowledge, inspire or comfort  those it is presented to.

In the end, this compilation of pieces woven together unveil a beautiful tapestry of remnants.  These remnants that are presented in a way that brings pride and honor to those who have the privilege of receiving it.

kgrhqjl4e2dsj-lknbnonwnjlmg_3Your Tapestry

As children of God, we hold a special place in His heart.  On the outside, similar to a beautifully woven quilt, we provide a source of remembrance to celebrate our heritage. Because of this, we become a source of acknowledgement for those that we aspire to lead.  A  channel of inspiration and comfort to those who witness our victories despite the obstacles that we may endure.


Just  like the underside of a quilt without it’s backing, we do everything we can to conceal the threads that hold us together.  We do everything we can to hold that backing in place, in hopes that it will cover our own insecurities, faults or mistakes.  The problem comes in when we allow that superficial backing to fool us into believing that those unexposed threads are not there.  When this happens, our once secured backing begins to unravel and we subject ourselves  to unconsciously exposing these insecurities for all to see, those insecurities  that we once held tightly tucked away.

“On Becoming” is a  way for you to look underneath the beauty that is displayed on the surface and begin to reinforce the threads of your body, soul and spirit that lie hidden underneath the covering you have created.  Your attention to these underlying threads will strengthen you.  They will give you a higher level of awareness of who you are and why you are here in the first place.

On BecomingFully Equipped

God has given us everything we need to fulfill His plan for our lives. Unfortunately, we allow other people’s agendas (mainly our greatest adversary, Satan), to prevent us from fulfilling that purpose.

Consequently, when we allow this to happen, we accept whatever the enemy throws our way. Furthermore, Satan tries to use our “backing” to deceive us into believing that we’re less worthy than we are.  He uses other people, circumstances and past experiences to paint a false picture of our capabilities based on the precious gifts that God has given us.

God’s purpose for my life is evident to me, but this revelation took time to uncover.  It  took years of soul searching in this process of becoming all that God needed me to be.  Most importantly, I refused to allow dysfunctional family dynamics, failed relationships, and generational patterns to prevent me from living my life in a way that would give honor to God.

It was a decision.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Because of the work I have been willing to do in order to “become” who God  needs me to be, I decided  to commit my life to Him.  That means I had to be willing to look inside of myself and to trust in God.  In addition, I had to realize that He was there to catch me should I fall from the weight of all that I uncovered.

Most importantly, I had to consider how my behaviors were impacting the results I was getting. 

This meant pulling off the quilt backing and looking at the tattered threads.

On BecomingI had to come face to face with what I was attempting to hide.

This meant getting to the place where I would not allow my past to dictate my future.

As a result, I took the opportunity to change my own outcomes based on the work I was willing to do.  This process helped me to sever the ties of a dysfunctional past and to create a new future for myself.  In order to do this, I had to;

#1- let the enemy know that no matter what he tried to turn to bad, God has turned to good,

#2- also, arm myself  to carry out what God has created me to do.

How ready are you to do make these two very important decisions?

“On Becoming” is a way to get there. By acknowledging what lies within.  Due to your commitment to learning more about who you are and who you were created to be, you are more able to carry out God’s plan for YOUR life.

The most important thing these two decisions will require of you is:

1 – a willingness to look inside of yourself and

2 – a desire to prepare yourself to be used by God.

Will it mean an easy life?  Heaven’s No!

What it will mean is that your ability to impact the lives of others will increase.  As a result, you will know that you are a living testament to God’s grace and mercy.

So here you are!  Your beautiful quilt is ready to be shared with the world in a much more powerful way.  Let’s get ready to take off that backing; only to ourselves, and let’s reinforce the strands of who we are to become all that God has created us to be.

Pam Joi Pearson Photography reducedAs I close, would you like to learn more about where you are on your journey to becoming who you were created to be?

Furthermore, what if you were able to find any obstacles that were blocking your path?

Then Let’s Talk.  Schedule a complimentary session.  Let’s  work together on getting you on the path where God can begin the work in you.  Your cooperation will be required.  You will have to be willing to peak underneath your “backing”.  This will give you clarity on where you are.

In conclusion, Are you willing?  Well alright then….Let’s go.  You have to take the next step. 

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