4 Breakthroughs That Occur When Your Clients Journal


You have built a strong reputation for results!

Your clients are spreading the word.  As a result, you are honing your ability to influence substantial change and growth in the lives of the people you touch.

We ARE tracking, aren’t we?  Of course we are!   With every new opportunity to impact people’s lives, you are ALWAYS seeking  new ways to enhance your clients’ experience. Because of this, your wheels are constantly spinning.

As a Coach and Journaling Practitioner, I incorporate journal writing as a vital, mandatory part of my coaching programs.  As a result, my clients walk away with a new-found knowledge of themselves.  Through their own journaling, they gain knowledge of a tool that is vital to their personal development.


Offering a journaling package as an ancillary offering for your clients

provides you with an illuminating view of the progress your clients are making in their commitment to achieving identified goals.

Furthermore, as coaches, consultants and strategists, we depend on our clients to take ownership of their progress.  When they do, we are committed to partnering with them in the process. 

As a Journaling Practitioner,  I guide people through the journaling process.  I teach them  different styles of journaling to incorporate into their  development process: As a result, they are able to:

  1. Explore fresh ideas for capturing their world in writing through self-reflection
  2. Transform difficult life transitions into personal growth
  3. Identify self-defeating patterns that may be hindering their progression
  4. Gain freedom from their past, overcoming present trials and moving forward to a more rewarding future

All for helping them to eliminate any hindrances that may be blocking the pathway on the journey to their intended destination.

Each of the styles they learn will help them to tap into solutions for clearing emotional clutter.  This allows them to gain a better understanding of where they are.  It also helps them to envision what’s possible.

How Does This Help You?

MP900289307[1]As an ancillary piece of your offering, and the work you do with each of your clients, you are providing them with a strategic tool for guiding them in the work they are doing through the guidance you are providing to them.

Because I am a coach, I know all too well the joy in knowing the impact you are having in the lives of your clients.

An additional benefit – the support you offer to them through my expertise in this area will benefit them greatly.  The work I do with them offers a channel for working through  intricate details.  Parts from their past  that may be preventing them from moving forward. This gives YOU an opportunity to move them along more effectively because you open up a new path toward discovery.  One they may have never seen before!

If you journal, you know how effective it can be.

In closing, If you want to learn more about partnering with me, give me a call.  I believe that our partnership will  benefit you and the work you are doing with your clients.

give me a call 678/480-4013, or email me at info@pamelabyrd.com.

Learn more about how I can help you to move your clients from wanting something more to successfully achieving that which they are working towards.


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